Impact of IVF Technology - Results of Vitrogen's Customer in India

"Dear All

Good Afternoon. Let me share with you outstanding performance of High pedigree GIR Heifer namely —SAMADHI

This heifer belongs to one of our client from Gujarat. Some imp points:

1) This heifer was born on 2nd Jan 2015 ( About 5 years 8 months of Age — in August 2020 — when we brought to our farm)

2) Our client has given this heifer on lease for one year ( They were not prepared to sell at any price)

3) The client have bred this heifer many times but she did not conceive. Sharing you the picture of her:

Now let me share the performance of SAMADHI

1) We aspirated her 32 times from 25th Aug 2020 to 25th April 2021 (8 months)

2) Total no of oocytes aspirated and subjected to IVM -1452 oocytes

3) The total no of oocytes subjected to IVC -1368 (Average - 43.00 oocytes per OPU).

4) From 1368 oocytes - 368 IVF embryos developed (Av -11.5 Embryos per OPU).

5) In one out of these 32 OPU , we aspirated 103 oocytes resulting in to development of 41 Excellent embryos ( the best record of JKBovagenix )

Note - For all IVF , we used sex semen of high pedigree Brazilian Bull . Sharing you the picture of oocytes collected and embryos developed: